Spirituality information – Outright truth vs. loved one fact

Our spiritual development is constantly asking us to define our spiritual truths. The spirituality information that we produce to offer us in this quest takes us to 2 elements of fact. There is absolute truth and also there is family member fact.

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We live in a cosmos of relativity that permits us to compare a principle versus something a principle is not and consequently experience it. We can experience the principle of hot by viewing it in relation to something that hot is not. Something we call cold. Hot and cold are the polar opposites of a range that we understand of as temperature level.

We define everything in the physical cosmos as being someplace in the range of polar opposites. To puts it simply, someplace in the spectrum of relative realities.

In the realm of the absolute, god is the all of every little thing and love is what god is. So in the world of the absolute, love is all there is. That is absolute truth.

The only love that god recognizes in the realm of the absolute is unconditional love. That is pure love as well as it is an omnipresent love. When god produced the physical universe of relativity, he understood that in order for god to experience unconditional love he would certainly have to bring into being its polar opposite. The opposite of love is fear.

So love as well as anxiety is the controlling polar opposites of whatever in the physical cosmos of relativity. This controlling duo influences every starseed test of life in the physical universe because these two controlling forces are what influence every idea that we ever before have. Every idea that comes to us and every thought that leaves us is either a thought based in love or a thought based in anxiety.

It is essential for the stirring up person to understand this basic fact: every thought that goes through our heads is either a love-based thought or a fear-based thought.

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